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Jordi Ribaudí. A family affair.
Guest Artist – 2024 – Jordi Ribaudí Trepat

Are creators born or are they made?
First cousins Jordi Ribaudí Trepat and Caterina Roma Trepat come together in this joint exhibition. Their creations form an intimate dialogue, while the creators relive memories of a shared childhood. Threads from a single spool of yarn that intertwine, get lost, find each other and weave together.

Both artists have inherited the spirit of a great Catalan family, which includes characters such as the avant-garde painter Lluís Trepat, or the entrepreneur Josep Trepat, who built the foundry that is now the Cal Trepat museum (in Tàrrega) Their family history has undoubtedly played a role in leading them both to develop a taste for creating with their hands.

Their pieces of contemporary craftsmanship share an exquisite and at the same time radical treatment of the materials they use: leather, wood, ceramics… which come together in a dialogue about artistic creation, but also about all the many secrets that lie at the heart of each and every family.

Jordi Ribaudí makes all his collections exclusively with cowhide tanned with vegetable extracts (chestnut, mimosa and quebracho). This guarantees top-quality raw materials while giving the material a natural look with the texture and imperfections that are typical of leather.

“I think that this exhibition is a very intimate way of looking at craftsmanship. And this is thanks to inviting Jordi Ribaudí. We have shared many life experiences, but always ones linked to the family. Although it is true that ours is a very Catalan way of building a family: with a certain distance, but also a feeling of understanding and belonging.”

Caterina Roma

Jordi Ribaudí was born into a family that ran a large leather factory in the Rec d’Igualada neighbourhood (in the Province of Barcelona). Ribaudí’s creative restlessness led him to explore the world of craftsmanship and manual production after a long and successful career in the world of industrial design.
The story began in 2005 when Jordi Ribaudí decided to move his product design studio very close to where his family had run a leather factory; he set up his new studio in a 19th century tannery in the Rec neighborhood.
In 2009, in parallel with his design work, Ribaudí partnered with a group of creators to start the Recstores project, with the aim of showcasing the architectural heritage of the neighborhood, temporarily installing pop-up stores in abandoned tanneries.
This project allowed him to begin to get to know and befriend several of the tanners in the area. These relationships led him to find out all about leather-making processes, and he was able to explore the possibilities afforded by the material, experiment with it, and finally create with leather.
His work is a marriage between traditional production and a contemporary vision, the coming together of the neighborhood tanners and their family roots, to create and revive a material that has been used for generations in his hometown.
His work has been shown all over the world, from Dubai to New York, London, Paris, Stockholm or Venice.
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