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I was self-taught from a very young age. This has given me a very rare freedom – that of creating by using my intuition and observation. I have been lucky enough to explore the possibilities and limits of materials by using only my own experience and without being held back by any prejudices.
Digging my own clay, using rocks and plants to make glazes and firing the pieces in a wood-fired oven is a way of approaching the very essence of the senses, and working towards a wild, authentic beauty.
Each firing is like a retreat: it is as though I am going to a cabin in the mountains, reached by only a shaky path and with no water or electricity. An experience that allows me to create hand in hand with nature.
The pieces are fired for several days and nights. As they become covered with molten ash, they develop thick crusts, the rocks melt and the surface cracks. The forces of nature overcome any human creation.
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