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l’art de la table
T.K. art gallery

29/09/23 – 02/10/2023

A new exhibition of dinnerware in Japan, a country in which handmade pieces of daily use are extremely valued, and craftsmanship, considered an art.

An exhibition of porcelain pieces for daily use by brand, Trepat Barcelona, with complex crystalline glazes: new shapes designed especially for Japanese cuisine. The L’Art de la Table, the title of the exhibition, wanted to convey the idea that it is not only about dinnerware, but everything that has to do with gathering around a table: sensitivity, creativity, good taste and attention to detail. Although this is an art in which Japan excels, the east-west dialogue creates a different style, which allows to create out of the traditional canon of food preparation: new combination of colors and textures, much appreciated by chefs and restaurants of luxury, but also for creative people who love good food.

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